14 December, 2008

Snow Day, and my new blingy D200

It snowed in Portland! And not only did it snow, but it actually snowed all day and then the snow did a really crazy thing - it stuck around. I snapped a few photos with my new D200 just to give it a bit of a try out on Sunday. Then I decided to walk to work this morning and snapped a few more in the beautiful morning sunlight. I have to admit, having a great camera, and a beautiful morning makes it so easy to get good photos.

04 November, 2008

31 October Ride in Laurel

Art and I spent last Friday afternoon out in some farmland southwest of Hillsboro. It was nice, even if ended up raining on us and we took a couple wrong turns. Only a couple photos, but there will be more rain filled rides in the future.

26 October, 2008

Sullivan's Gulch

I've been out walking lately to get some fall enjoyment in before the rain hits. I love the rain, but the crunching of leaves underfoot is almost intoxicating.

Kevin Races Cross

It is a little old, but I finally got these scanned.

18 October, 2008

Jason gets home

I drove up to Everett last weekend to see the the USS Abraham Lincoln arrive back into port. My brother Jason had been out to sea for only three of the seven months the ship was away, but I could tell he was still very ready to get off the floating city. I'll admit it was pretty interesting, lots of flags and about a thousand people. I had thought about wearing an Obama t-shirt but then figured it might not be the best idea.

15 October, 2008

01 September, 2008

New tattoo

Well I was kind of itching to get a new tattoo...And here it is. The design is a collaboration between Mr. Art Almaguer and I, kind of a play on the "Free Cascadia" design. I love it, and am pretty excited about it. Although at the moment it is still a bit painful, and I am sure it will get all kinds of itchy in the next week or so I am still stoked.

Trip To Denver

I know, these are a bit late in making their way to public consumption, but here are the shots I got while I was in Denver visiting my lovely friend Tori about a two weeks ago. Man, I love rainy weekends away from home, makes life so pleasant and relaxing.

31 August, 2008

Blind Pilot at Doug Fir 8/30/08

Great show, it was pretty f'n packed and I wasn't even going to try and get any closer to the stage, so this is what came of it...Thanks to Julie for introducing me to these guys.

13 August, 2008

Portland Timers at PGE park, 8/8/08

23 July, 2008

Tony Starlights

A few shots I took a couple months ago from a show at Tony Starlights


Mr. Clark has been called away

Well, the man made the call and he is borrowing Mr. Clark from us for about a year to take care of some business in the desert. We all tried to give him as good a send off as the rack store and Amnesia brewing could manage...


05 July, 2008

Portland Timbers vs Morelia Monarcas

This was my first Timbers match in over 10 years...What a spectacle...


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