26 October, 2008

Sullivan's Gulch

I've been out walking lately to get some fall enjoyment in before the rain hits. I love the rain, but the crunching of leaves underfoot is almost intoxicating.

Kevin Races Cross

It is a little old, but I finally got these scanned.

18 October, 2008

Jason gets home

I drove up to Everett last weekend to see the the USS Abraham Lincoln arrive back into port. My brother Jason had been out to sea for only three of the seven months the ship was away, but I could tell he was still very ready to get off the floating city. I'll admit it was pretty interesting, lots of flags and about a thousand people. I had thought about wearing an Obama t-shirt but then figured it might not be the best idea.

15 October, 2008

About Me

A boy who is not so secretly in love with photography.