26 January, 2009

low fi pdx

More with my hacked low-fi reusable, disposable camera.

21 January, 2009

I hadn't taken any thing apart in a while so...

You can ask my parents, I was a tinkerer as a child. I took apart any thing that I could get my hands on. At first it was toys, pens, more toys. But as I got older I got into more intricate things, I started using screw drivers, and soldering irons and took apart cars and computers. If it is something that I could open up and fix you better believe I've tried. So I hadn't taken any thing apart for fun in quite a while, so when Art and I went up snow shoeing last week I picked up a disposable camera thinking it would be an interesting project to reload with some b/w film. Well it was sadly much easier than I imagined, but the results were pretty cool, and what is amazing is that it isn't disposable, hell it takes 35mm cartridges...

18 January, 2009

I love Portland...

Yeah, I love it...especially on cold crisp sunny days when the sky is that deep bright watery blue...

15 January, 2009

Me 'n Art went shoe snowing

White River West

Art and I went for a short snow shoe trip while I played hooky from work on Tuesday. It was absolutely gorgeous up there, and I wanted to just lay down and take a nap in the snow. These are just a few random photos...

And now the black and whites...

11 January, 2009

Snow Shoeing, Trillium Lake

I went snow shoeing with a few peeps and it was a total blast. It was one of those rare days on the mountain where it was sunny, clear skies and just amazing light. Thank you Mt. Hood for being so obliging with my photos. I have some black and whites to develop too, but I haven't gotten a chance to yet.

New Years Day and Tamales

Well, none of us had any interest in watching fools-ball on new years day, so we had a little party and made tamales. It was awesome, we ended up with some 80 tamales or so. Between the five of us we ate over twenty that day too. It was a blast, and will hopefully become a new years tradition.

I do have to say that there was one more person at the party, but she was taking the photos and so there aren't any of her here - Amanda Ball did an excellent job of snapping most of these and I'm glad we had her company. Yeah, she is pretty excellent.

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