11 July, 2009

Hot New Ride...

Yep, that MAP porteur bike I rode a couple weeks ago...It is now mine.

I told a friend of mine that it is nicer than any car I've ever owned, and prettier than most of the girls I've dated - which doesn't diminish the quality of either of those things, but this bike is really just that nice. It is my new hauler, get me from here to there, along with all my stuff ride. I am car-less these days, and this is going to be a far superior substitute for me and my lifestyle.

Still to come a nice front porteur rack, with accommodations for panniers...This thing is going to be a hauling rig!

06 July, 2009

Wedding season apparently...

These kids just got married! My 'lil cousin Brittney, and her beau (now husband) Brandon...see all the pics here.

And these kids are about to get married, my bff Matt McMattikins, and his ball 'n chain Natalie the Kid.

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