30 August, 2009

My first three days in Berkeley

I arrived in Berkeley, well actually Emeryville, via the Coast Starlight at about eight fifteen in the morning on Friday August 28th. In short order I collected my bike, broken down and in a box, along with my back pack from the baggage porter and began the process of assembling my bike in order to transport myself, and all my stuff up to the school. By about nine AM I had the bike fully assembled, and ready to roll.

After I arrived at the school I had a mellow day of meeting people, doing stuff, and heading off to bed early.
Saturday I trekked into the city to meet up with my darling Lizzy Strong, and Monica Storss (one of the bay's best poetess'). We had a lovely lunch at Elizabeth's restaurant. Then Monica and I went and hung out in Delores Park - she smoked a cigarette, I drank a beer. It was simply beautiful weather, great to sit down in the grass, and play with the dogs that walked by.

Sunday (today) I went to church, and then after a bit of food took to the bike. Upon not much consideration Tilden Park was decided as the destination of our bi-pedal adventure. It was an amazing ride, 1300 feet of climbing and descending - plus a bit more in the middle when I got a little lost and went down and back up. On the descent back down to campus I had a truly 'dream-come-true' moment. I rolled down the hill past the Cyclotron, Lawrence Livermore, and into the backside of the UC Berkeley campus. Needless to say, I was/am a very happy man this afternoon.

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