10 February, 2010

Racing for New Orleans!

Admittedly this is not a photo-post. But that image you see to the left is a typical sight on my desk (although that is a little cleaner than it is right now).

This is a post about the fact that I am competing in the Ocshner half iron man triathlon in New Orleans in April. No I'm not running or swimming - aching knees and getting kicked in the face under water aren't exactly my cup-of tea. I am doing the 56 mile bike leg of the race. And no, I'm not doing it just to prove that I can ride my bike in a state I've never been to before. I'm doing it as a fundraiser for a great non-profit retreat center in downtown New Orleans who gives short and long term residence to volunteers who come to help rebuild the city - Contemplatives in Action.

If you are here you probably got directed here from an email, or facebook. If you would like to donate simply click here and you'll be redirected to a paypal donate page, just note my name in the payment and we'll be golden! I am asking for 50 cents per mile, the bike leg is 56 miles - that is only $28, but it will be well used.

And of course, regardless of donations I really appreciate the support that everyone has given me over the last year of moving around, starting school, changing my life and all - so thanks!

If you want to know more, or have questions, comments, feelings, or hate mail let me know - I am always open to new ideas.

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