14 July, 2010

Coming to Portland

Informational Post / place to list rides that are going to happen while I am in Portland for Sarah's wedding the weekend of August 21st.

We are staying out in Hillsboro a couple days, so there are a couple rides that shall be out in farm land. They both start at the end of the MAX line (aka Fred Nachtigal's office parking lot). All rides may include some gravel, so get your dirt legs ready.

Friday ride around Laurel. Longish, and should include a decent climb and fast descent. Lots of time to fool around, and then find beer afterward. Really beautiful farm country.

Saturday lunch / beer ride to Helvatia (or Rock Creek) tavern.
Not too long, we need to be back to Hillsboro and cleaned up fairly early. A bit of a climb, and a genuinely fun descent in this one.

Sunday ride in Portland through Forest park.
Should be fun, hopefully not too much mud, CX bikes might be good, but I'm doing it on my roadbike - so take it as you will. We will eat food and drink beer half way through, and it will be awesome.

If any one wants to go on a fast(ish) road ride on Monday let me know! I'd love to go hit the dirt in Tabor, and then do some climbing and get some fast miles in.

All are welcome, and we won't drop any one - unless you deserve it.

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